Lighting the way in air diffusion.

LUXAIR®, a range of products with a breakthrough patented design, seamlessly combining high performance lighting and industry leading air diffusion with a remarkable appearance, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of the project.

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Introducing LUXAIR®

The LUXAIR® range was conceived from our desire to innovate, challenge the status quo and our ambition to revolutionise the industry by offering a new generation of products. The air diffusion industry has seen little innovation in the past decade with minimal change in product offering and many manufacturers offering a range of comparable products.

Our goal was to challenge the norm and offer the market a new, innovative product that excites clients, promotes creativity and one that is environmentally friendly.

We believe our goals have been achieved and are excited to announce the launch of our first product in the range, LUXAIR® LX Model 1, a breakthrough design that seamlessly combines high performance lighting and industry leading air diffusion in to one single package without compromising the performance of either element, a combination yet to be explored in either industry, finally a combination which reduces the number of fittings required, reducing the carbon footprint of the project and providing a unique minimalist finish.

Our combined experience in air diffusion and lighting provided a stable platform to develop LUXAIR® from the ground up to ensure we achieved the best design possible.

Design Philosophy

Our design objective was to develop an industry first, a product capable of offering market leading lighting and high-performance air distribution. LUXAIR® was carefully developed to ensure that both objectives were met through considered design, extensive R&D and by using only the best materials and components from leading manufacturers and following our philosophy of.

  1. Innovative Design.
  2. High Performance.
  3. Seamless Integration.
  4. Challenging the Status Quo.

Benefits of LUXAIR®

The revolutionary design of LUXAIR® offers significant benefits, including.

Unique Aesthetics

Nowhere before has high quality, functional lighting of this nature been combined with a slot diffuser, the result is a truly stunning finish. Every LUXAIR® is hand made to order and to your exact specification including colour temperature, output, length, and chassis colour in contrast to other luminaires on the market which are set lengths and colours and specifications. LUXAIR® is the most customisable on the market.

Optimised Performance

LUXAIR®’s unique combination of light and air presents the innovative opportunity of built-in thermal management of the electrical components. The chassis of the product acts as a high-capacity heat sink whilst the moving air through the diffuser increases the total thermal gradient across the heat sink (chassis), allowing more heat to exit the system. This ensures that the electrical components are running within their optimal temperature range, thus improving their longevity. Another industry first.

Seamless Integration

From a restaurant to a washroom, whether its accent lighting or functional lighting, LUXAIR® has the flexibility and customisability to integrate seamlessly with any environment thanks to the range of light sources available, the invisible plaster in border and the colour matching service we provide.

Environmental Impact

The combination of two products in LUXAIR® significantly reduces the number of fittings required for a given project thus reducing the total amount of raw material and unrecyclable components being consumed.

LUXAIR®’s construction is mostly aluminium extrusion all of which is ethically sourced from recycled materials, any waste produced during manufacture is collected, graded, sorted and melted by a UK foundry before being re-supplied into the UK as raw aluminium.

Build your LUXAIR®

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Ambient lighting provides overall uniform lighting. Task is direct, intense illumination is ideal for detailed task work, such as reading and writing at a desk.

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Accent lighting is Intended to highlight a specific object or area. Accent lighting draws attention to a feature, such as artwork, furnishings, or architectural details, converting them into focal points.

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